Magic: The Gathering – Ravnica Remastered – Collector Booster Display (12 Boosters)

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Contains: Every Magic: The Gathering – Ravnica Remastered – Collector Booster Display (12 Boosters) contains:

  • 36 Booster Packs
  • Every booster contains 15 Trading Cards of the Ravnica Remastered Expansion
  • Every booster contains:
    • 4-5 Cards of rarity rare or higher in each booster
    • 3-7 not quite so frequent cards
    • 4-8 Common cards
    • 1 Land with large illustration
    • 11 traditional foil cards in every booster
    • 1 Double-sided token card as a traditional foil card

Language: English

First Release: 12.01.2024

GTIN: 195166229287


Description in original language:

Worthy of the Guilds

Ravnica Remastered pulls content from thirteen different sets from throughout Magic’s history! Our design team has combed through the nine different Ravnica sets to showcase the evolution of your favorite guilds, iconic landscapes, and returning characters. We’ve also dug through the archives to find the different expressions of Ravnica in sets outside the core Ravnica blocks to add some new flavor to a familiar location.

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