Pokemon – Scarlet & Violet – Temporal Forces – Display Box (36 Boosters)

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Contiene: Cada Pokemon – Scarlet & Violet – Temporal Forces – Display Box (36 Boosters) contiene:

  • 36 Booster Packs
  • Cada dosis contiene 10 Cartas coleccionables de la Temporal Forces Expansion
  • Cada Booster contiene un Código Online adicional para Pokémon TCG Live

Lenguaje: Inglés

Primera publicación: 22.03.2024

GTIN: 0820650866395


Descripción en el idioma original:

The ranks of Ancient and Future Pokémon continue to grow!

Walking Wake ex breaks free of the past alongside Raging Bolt ex, while Iron Leaves ex delivers high-tech justice with Iron Crown ex. Outside Area Zero, Wugtrio and Farigiraf shift types as Tera Pokémon ex, and Pokémon Trainers everywhere prepare for the return of ACE SPEC cards with uniquely powerful effects. A rupture in time brings wild beasts and cyber visions to battle in the Pokémon TCG: Scarlet & Violet—Temporal Forces expansion!

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Dimensiones 12 × 7 × 14 cm

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