Yu-Gi-Oh! – Legacy of Destruction – Display Box (24 Boosters)

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Contiene: Cada Yu-Gi-Oh! – Legacy of Destruction – Display Box (24 Boosters) contiene:

  • 24 Booster Packs
  • Cada dosis contiene 7 Cartas coleccionables de la Legacy of Destruction Expansion

Lenguaje: Inglés

Primera publicación: 25.04.2024

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Descripción en el idioma original:

What kind of legacy will you leave? Cement your legend as a top-level Duelist

Revisit memorable moments from the tear-jerking final Duel between Yugi Muto and Atem with new versions of Silent Magician and Silent Swordsman, a new monster with artwork that features all three of the original Gadget trio, and new cards like Card of Sanctity and Ties of the Brethren featuring artwork that shows all of these new monsters and the bonds they share. Look out for a brand-new version of Gandora the Dragon of Destruction that can destroy and banish all other cards on the field, and then Special Summon a monster from your Deck!

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